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As the world of arts and crafts continue to search for better solutions to minimize their exposure to harmful solvents, DCI Industries was one of the first to create environmentally safe and non-toxic cleaners over 15 years ago. With the cooperation of professional artisans and crafters, EZ-AIR's line was developed. EZ-AIR products are non-toxic, powerful, safe to the environment, and do not contain destructive fumes or irritants.

Not only is DCl lndustries one of the leaders in the promotion of environmentally safe products, but it is also a personal mission for CEO, Steve Ornstein. When his son, an artist, started to paint 18 years ago, Steve saw first hand the kind of toxic cleaners that his son was using. From then on Steve took it upon himself to find a healthier alternative that works. In 1992 Steve's dream finally came to fruition with the development of the EZAIR line of non-toxic brush cleaners.

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